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LIVE Professional Storytelling with:

Doyle Mugeyo, Gcina Mhlope, Matthew Willman & Gundani Rualisa

Check out our vlog on SYSTEMS THINKING with our lead facilitator Dr. Shamim Bodhanya. Download the full proposal from www.visioninmotion.co.za or call 0318274621 for more information.

Posted by Vision in Motion on Tuesday, June 27, 2017



Vision in Motion has been working with Suncoast Casino for the last 5-6 years and they are still my partners in people development for the following reasons: Their offering is entirely unique. They use multiple learning styles in their approach in order to embed and entrench the subject matter. I believe them to be very successful, even transformational in any learning that deals with Customer Service, Diversity and Team Effectiveness. Vision in Motion’s Director, Rodney Frank, is himself a very forthcoming and honest individual who invests himself wholly in what he does. He always gives off his best, and brings a wash of energy into his subject matter. He has always tried his best to meet our needs in terms of pricing and timing.

Adil Sewcharan HRD Practitioner

“Vision in Motion is an agile and youthfull organization that provides UKZN Extended Learning with the support to enhance many of our leadership programmes, with such activities as story telling; strategic exercises; breathing and stretching and laughter yoga. The activities run by Vision in Motion support the learning of the Programmes and also give the delegates time to reflect on themselves as an holistic being. I Would recommented Vision in Motion to help your team think out of the box”

Cheralyn Terblanche - Operation Manager UKZN

“Rodney Frank has a strong sense of overview, he sees the vision and drives hard to make that goal a reality. In an industry that demands perfection at all times, Franks ability to engage and command up front whilst paying acute attention to the finest details is rare. Vision in Motion is building momentum with each well planned step, a joy and pleasure to work with.”

Matthew Willman: Commissioned Photographer to The Nelson Mandela Foundation / Documenter Southern & East Africa

We have worked with Vision in Motion team for a few years now. They understand our business and culture. The strength of their offering lies in their team building products and activities. They bring innovation, creativity and unique offerings in the market. They are consistent and professional, always a pleasure working with the team. Once contracted, we rest assured that they will deliver of the highest standard.

Leisha Naidoo - Organisational Effectiveness Manager