Etiquette Netiquette Proposal

Etiquette Netiquette Proposal

Proposal: Masifunde Training Centre ‘Etiquette & Netiquette’ Training

Item Description
Training Objectives To get the employees to find suitable solutions to their challenges
Enhance company image
Create professional communication processes
Improve telephone & online communication, both internally and externally
Improve listening & response skills
Handling difficult callers
Trainer Dawn Harrison
Duration 2 days Etiquette + 2 days Netiquette
Venue Masifunde Training Centre
Equipment Flipcharts, Koki’s, data projector and sound must be provided at the venue
Investment R1750.00p/p 1 day & R2500.00p/p 2 days
Provision of training venue
Cost of travel and accommodation for facilitators (if required)
Training Outline Customised training to serve your individual needs; modules can be chosen from the below list should you want to condense the training into one day. Or you may combine Etiquette & Netiquette into just two days. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further consultation.


Etiquette modules Content Day 1 Day 2
1- Introduction - What do customers want?
- Skills and personalities
2- Communication Skills - Using words to project a positive attitude
- Greeting and closing of interactions
- Telephone skills
- Body language and vocal tone
- Attitude and tone of voice
3- Customer Services - Introduction
- Basic customer service
- Improved customer service
- Understanding customer behaviour
4- Advanced Customer Services - The 4 R’s
5- Call Management - Receiving Calls
- Transferring Calls
- Placing Calls on Hold
- Escalating Calls
- Closing Calls
6- Complaint Management - Handling complaints effectively
7- Message Management - Placing effective messages
- Taking effective messages
8- Market Intelligence - Decision Maker Contacts
- Up Sell/Cross Sell Campaigns
9- Surveys - Database Selling
- Information and Literature Fulfilment
10- Appointment Scheduling - Customer Satisfaction
- Direct Mail Follow-up
10- Appointment Scheduling - Seminar Population
- Product Promotion
- Debt Collection
Netiquette content Day 1 Day 2
1- The communication model
2- Barriers to effective communication
3- Basic rules of grammar
4- Emails
5- Prepositions
6- Jargon Slang and Colloquialisms
7- Sentence structure
8- Abbreviations and acronyms
9- Punctuation
10- Paragraphs
11- Sequencing information
12- Summary / précis
13- Editing
14- Email netiquette
15- Good manners on emails – Ten Commandments
16- SPAM and security
17- Writing effective emails
18- The perils of social media
19- Netiquette and intellectual property
20- Message board netiquette and guidelines

Project Manager: Adv. Mahomed Vahed
Contact: Rodney Frank 082 334 6403