Generational Gap

Generational Gap



  • Develop understanding of where the generation gap issue surfaces, and the impact it has on the modern workforce
  • Understand and apply language that is specific to each generation currently in the workplace
  • Understanding the generational similarities, generational differences and work ethics of Boomers, Gen"X" and Gen"Y"
  • Create straight talk culture and environment


  • Learner centred, organic structure that allows team members to share their customer service experiences to create relevant learning outcomes
  • Use of interactive activities to promote high engagement and a motivational learning environment


  • Bridge the communication gap between the various generations
  • Assist in the understanding of the strengths of each generation


Item Description Time
Introduction & Personality Assessment Delegates will complete a short personality assessment form to identify which of the 4 personality type they fit in to. Strengths and weakness of the various personality types will be highlighted. (Please can we add the reason for this Dawn?
Who are the different Generations in the room and what are our general characteristics? & Generational Communication Styles This is an opportunity to understand all the generations in the room and an chance to understand and learn why we see the world and communicate the way we do
Johari Window Activity Every generation has blind spots, this exercise is the great way to self-reflect and understand what our blind spots, acknowledge them and deal with them accordingly
Case Studies and Role Plays CS Dawn please elaborate how you envisage this happening?
Amazing Hunt Race Your detective expertise is needed! You are a team own team of adventurers; gather clues, solve puzzles, combine information, decipher secret meanings and trigger hidden mechanisms. Success can only be achieved by working together, and you will need to combine your brainpower to stay cool and profit from each other’s strengths while the clock is ticking. Will you unlock this mystery? This activity will be designed for mixed generational groups to use their generational strengths to win and complete the challenge. Delegates will get to see first-hand the importance that each generation brings to the work force. Amazing Hunt Race Debrief Facilitators will pull out the learnings that happened during the activity and use the activity as a springboard for interactive learning. The content will be created by the delegates using their direct experiences.
Introducing the culture of straight talk at Suncoast Here delegates will get taught how to approach and deal with conflict situations through the medium of straight talk. Vision in Motion would eventually like to design and private room at Suncoast where these conflict resolution meeting could take place.

DURATION: Each training session will be a full day. 8:30am – 3:30pm

EQUIPMENT: 2 Flipcharts, koki’s as well as a projector and sound will need to be provided by the client (for showing of videos)

INVESTMENT: R12 000.00 (24 Pax)

The above price includes:

  • Props
  • Facilitation
  • Transport Cost
  • Workshop Evaluation Questionnaire
  • Facilitator Feedback Report

The above price excludes:

  • Provision of training venue
  • Meal

Project Manager: Rodney Frank & Dawn Harrison
Contact: 082 334 6403