Project Management Proposal

Project Management Proposal



    To empower participants with knowledge, skills, tools and techniques!needed to manage projects successfully. Participants must achieve the following outcomes:
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the concepts, principles and practices of project management;
  • Apply project management practices, tools an d techniques to the areas of project planning, control and communication in the business environment and
  • Demonstrate!the!ability!to!manage!small!projects!and!the!project!office!in!a!business!environment


Having the swimming pool in the house does not automatically make occupants swimmers. Nowadays, many corporates and institutions are executing projects. The fundamental is take that has been done is to embrace Project Management is a discipline on its own. As a results many projects are not completed on time, within budget and let alone meeting quality requirements. The main contributing factor to this is “accidental project manager” syndrome. There are unique skills, tools and techniques needed for anyone to manage a project successfully. Same as the opening analogy above–for any one to swim without drowning he or she needs to have knowledge, skills, tools and techniques on “how to swim”.


The workshop will build project management competency which! will help participants to be more effective and efficient in their work and personal environments.


Item Description Time
THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY Some images(case studies) are presented which shows current realities project managers are faced with. Participants are then engaged so that they can identify themes in each case study. 30 min
Seeking advice A real-life project is given to participants so that they can advice the facilitator on two issues. This case is based on the project that the facilitator managed in the past. 1 hr.
Project Management Overview Understanding why projects are initiated and how they are aligned with organisational strategic postures. Highlight of all key and measure processes involved in Project Management in accordance with Project Management Body o Knowledge (PMBOK). 1 hr.
Project Scope Management Developing scope document that comply with international standards
Decomposing the scope to create Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).
1 hr.
Project Time Management Allocating durations to activities
Sequencing activities through activity logic table
Drawing Network Diagram
Identifying Critical Path
Gantt Chart
2 hr.
Ms Project as a schedyling Tool Demonstrating and practical application on MsProject to develop project schedule. Participants must bring their laptops (Ms compatible) so that they can have experimental learning. 1.5hr.

DURATION: One day, two day, three day and One Year fully accredited course

VENUE: Onsite

EQUIPMENT: Flipcharts, koki’s, data projector and sound will have to be provided at the venue.


The above price includes:

  • Pre-workshop consultation with HR/Management (1 hr.)
  • Facilitation

The above price excludes:

  • Provision of training venue
  • Cost of travel and accommodation for facilitators (where required)
  • Meal

Project Manager: Mondli Mbambo
Contact: Rodney Frank 082 334 6403