Systems Thinking Proposal

Systems Thinking Proposal


Systems thinking is a powerful approach to deal with real world business complexity. While rooted in strong theoretical foundations in the systems sciences, this programme is focused on equipping participants with practical skills and tools. The aim is to apply systems thinking to the challenges faced by business in a world characterised by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA)

The Systems Thinking for Business programme is an intensive and interactive 3-day programme. It is highly experiential, comprising business games, exercises, group engagement, role-play and interactive simulations.

The Programme Leader is Dr Shamim Bodhanya, who is recognised internationally as an expert in systems thinking and complex adaptive systems. He has over 14 years’ industrial experience followed by 16 years of academic, consulting, and training expertise. Shamim is the Editor of Large Scale Systemic Change: Theories, Modelling and Practices, published by Nova Science in 2016.

Programme Outcomes:

On completion of the programme participants will:

  • Understand the foundational principles of systems thinking
  • Understand and apply the seven critical thinking skills
  • Apply the systems iceberg to diagnose the underlying causes of recurring business problems
  • Understand the systems archetypes
  • Apply the Fixes that Fail and the Growth and Underinvestment Archetypes to their own business challenges
  • Understand and apply critical tools from the Systems Thinking Toolbox.
  • Be more effective at working with business complexity

Programme Outline

Session 1: Introduction to Systems Thinking

Session 2: Key concepts in Systems Thinking: Complexity, Mess, Feedback, Emergence, Holism, Boundaries, Mental Models, Worse before Behaviour, Unintended Consequences, Policy Resistance

Session 3: Seven Critical Systems Thinking Skills: Dynamic Thinking, System as Cause Thinking, Closed Loop Thinking, Forest Thinking, Operational Thinking, Quantitative Thinking, Scientific Thinking

Session 4: Systems Diagramming for Business: Rich Picture, Affinity Diagram, Inter-Relationship Diagram, Causal Loop Diagram

Session 5: Systems Archetypes for Business Problem Solving

Session 6: System Dynamics Modelling: Process Improvement in Business – Efficiencies, Productivity, Process Realignment

DURATION: Three days.

VENUE: Will be determined by the company (preferably off-site)

EQUIPMENT: Flipcharts, koki’s, data projector and sound will have to be provided at the venue.

INVESTMENT: TBA (Max 20 people

The above price includes:

  • Pre-workshop consultation with HR/Management (1 hr.)
  • Facilitation includes interactive activities
  • Facilitator feedback report

The above price excludes:

  • Provision of training venue
  • Cost of travel and accommodation for facilitators (where required)
  • Meal

Project Manager: Dr. Shamim Bodhanya
Contact: Rodney Frank 082 334 6403